We’re not raising a puppy, we’re raising a dog.

Oh, Puppies how cute they are! Well, don’t get fool! Most dog owners get a puppy because they are cute, fluffy and huggable and we forget all about training them. Too many times we’ve heard stories about people getting puppies and when the dog hits the 6 Mo-1 yr mark, it is given up because of behavioral issues.

So when you get a puppy, think twice, maybe even x10 about it. Are you ready to train the dog, learn about how dogs communicate, putting up with housebreaking, the nipping? Are you ready to socialize your dog a ton to dogs and people, introduce the dog to many different surfaces, places? Are you ready to deal with the dog’s teenage phase? the fear phase?

What ever you allow your puppy to do now, will grow into habits. If you allow your dog to free roam, couch access, bed access, brattiness, pulling on leash etc, later down the road it is going to get harder to remove these habits. It takes a long time to rebuild a relationship with a dog, building new habits and gaining the trust back. Always always check on your dog’s attitude, obedience is just a gateway to work through behavioral issues.