Why your mindset & Intentions matter in dog training

Believability, certainty and mindset is where we need to focus on, whether it is in dog training or just in life in general. When we put our minds to something, we are motivated to learn and put in the hard work, we can accomplish so much and actually execute and meet our goals. Your intentions are so important, if you go into…let’s say, a Diet plan, and you’re saying “I can’t stop eating burgers” then guess what the results will be like?

But if you go into your diet with a master plan, with a mindset of saying & actually doing the work then guess what your success rate will be? 🙂

Changing habits is extremely difficult, but if we put our minds to it and make it a new habit, anything is possible and we can thrive.

Dogs are extremely good at reading us, reading our emotions, our everyday habits. If you started your relationship with your dog as a ‘softie’ and allowed your dog to display certain behaviors for so long, you would have to do more work with your dog by re-building, re-creating a pattern of good habits AND prove to your dog, that you won’t let sh*t fly anymore and that you are in fact, ready.

The dog will know when you’ve become a leader. How? They will start complying with what you’re asking, they will follow, they will make better choices, they will ask YOU for guidance rather than latching out on their own.

Having the right tools will help, but that’s not all it takes…it takes a change with you to change your dog for the better.