Why setting goals for you & your dog’s journey is important

You know why your corporate job requires you to set goals each year on your performance review? The reason behind it, is because it gives you something to accomplish and when you get something done, you feel great about it and you feel motivated and you feel like you are one step closer to what you want.

Every day, Mailee and I set our daily goals. Whether it is to improve dog training skills or personal growth, we always write down our goals (daily, weekly, monthly) and push to get everything done in a timely manner. We have 24 hours in a day, that’s plenty of time to work and get sh*t done. Plus, this helps a ton with prioritizing in our daily activities.

Your goals can be little or big and set a realistic time frame. As long as you HAVE goals, intentions and motivation to get it done, it will work in your favor. Anything is a goal such as: saving $100/ week, teaching your dog a new trick, even just doing the laundry.
Write it down and then OWN it.