Why and when we use muzzles

There are many reasons why we would use a muzzle on a dog. Mainly we use the muzzle when we have dogs that bite ( aggression towards other dogs or humans) but we also use them for dogs with ‘high anxiety or high reactivity issues. Why? Because when dogs are in a state of chaos, they sometimes don’t respond to leash pressure/corrections. Depending on the kind of dog you have in front of you things differ. They may use their teeth because they can’t get to what they want to get to or object when someone tells them what to do. We call it “redirection”, meaning, the dog is either highly aroused by a stimulus or the dog refuses to comply and the handler or another dog is too close (the dog ends up biting his handler or the closest nearby dog). The bite is unintentional but it is a reflex that comes from frustration. For example, if your friend gets into a bar fight, and you get in the middle trying to stop it, they might hurt you instead by using reflex.

If a correction is given too late to a dog when a high stimulus is around, you may underwhelm your dog and only make it worse.
Muzzles aren’t a bad tool to use, just like a prong collar or a remote collar..They are SAFE tools to have in case you need it. People who muzzle their dogs, I call them: RESPONSIBLE.

Just because your dog has never bitten another dog or another human, things as described above can happen. If in doubt, muzzle your dog for YOUR safety and other people’s safety.

PS- we like the baskerville or Jafco muzzles.  They are open, which gives the dog plenty of room to breathe, eat and drink comfortably with it on.