The remote collar..

Today we want to discuss the remote collar and why we absolutely recommend that if you buy one, you MUST find a professional dog trainer to coach you on how to properly introduce the remote to your dog. We don’t ever recommend anyone to just take the collar out of the box and put in on your dog and start pressing buttons. It is unfair to the dog. All tools need proper introduction.
First – get familiar with the buttons, try to the remote on yourself so that you know what it feels like. Set the mode to “C” (Continuous mode). We do NOT use the Boost button (Red button).

Second – you can “do it yourself” when it comes to finding the working level (the lowest level at which your dog feels the stimulation).

Third – Hire a professional dog trainer to go over doing Ecollar intro with your dog.
During the learning phase, we teach the dog all obedience commands on the lowest possible level on the remote and we pair with food.

Remember: Be fair to your dogs and if you aren’t 100% sure on how to use the remote, HIRE a professional trainer who has knowledge and experience on Ecollar training.