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Lise and Mailee are true professional's that show much dedication in their field and are eager to educate and share their knowledge. Our large German Shepherd puppy went into the Board and Train program for 5 weeks primarily for leash aggression and to just learn how to be calm and confident. Our puppy is now home and he is no longer afraid of the world and shows much more confidence. We are able to pass people, cars, and other dogs with little to no reactivity, truly a huge improvement. They built his confidence and he is able to lay in place while we work in the home or in the car. During the 5 weeks they provided consistent updates, education on products and best practices, and answered any questions we had. They put safety first and are very proactive in preventing any circumstances that can result in injury. Life is so much easier since we decided to do the work and take control of our dogs, Lise and Mailee provided us the tools and education to get there. I would recommend them to any dog owner questioning if they need training.-"Kristine"


Lise & Mailee have the experience, knowledge, patience, and a natural affinity with dogs that make them excellent trainers. They are my most trusted boarding place for my dog. I know he will get the the care he needs, in a calm, safe, and structured environment-- which is hard to find in larger commercial kennels. I have seen the results from their Board and Train dogs, and I am just amazed at the transformations. They have the four ā€˜Cā€™sā€™ of good trainers Calmness, Consistency, Communication and Concentration--and they put the work needed into each dog. Highly recommend!


Our dog was transformed by the Funtastic K9 Trainers! I was shocked how obedient she is now! I would highly recommend sending any dog to these trainers. When we picked Piper up we were also trained on how to continue her obedience at home and it has stuck. Thank you for making our dog more enjoyable for our family!

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