Funtastic Walk Program

  • 2 (1 hr) sessions – $399
  • Price includes: $20 Herm Sprenger training collar sized accordingly to your dog

Are you tired of your dog pulling your arm off during the walk?

Does your dog become reactive when he sees another dog, people and/or fast moving objects?

Do you wish you could enjoy your walks & jogs with a calm dog?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then our Funtastic Walk Program is for YOU.

The structured walk is one of the most important leadership exercise in building your relationship with your dog. Don’t waste another day being frustrated with your dog.

The Funtastic Walk Program consist of 2 sessions (1 hr per session). In this program you will be given the right tools and information to not only address and significantly improve all of the issues you are having on the walk, but also will greatly improve your bond between you and your best friend through leadership and structure!

*photos will be sent for the training programs as well.

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