How Bad do you want it?

When it comes to Dog Training, price is always in the question. How much are you willing to invest on your dog?

“Cheaper” is not always the best option. Just like buying a car or just any product that is valuable and well made, you get what you pay for.

When Mailee and I first got our dogs, we had absolutely no idea on how to properly care for them mentally. We just thought “dogs just need physical exercise to be happy and lots of affection and love” only to find out we had ‘messed up’ our dogs by doing just that. We have been through a lot of what other dog owners have been through. Sharing physical touch /Affection with your dog at the wrong time. Affection, babying, humanizing can be so painful to your dog, I can’t stress that enough. Learn to watch and read your dog and think like a ‘dog’ by that I mean, think instinctively, not emotionally. Does your dog look stressed? Anxious? Nervous? Does your dog bark at people? Other dogs? Does your dog listen to you? Or blows you off? Does your dog get away with small things? Are you sharing valuable corrections with your dog? Think about that for a minute.

When Mailee and myself adopted Cubbie and Indie, we never thought we’d be spending thousands of dollars in dog training and on understanding our dogs because no one talks about how valuable investing in ‘dog training’ can be. Our journey with our dogs started a very stressed and frustrated relationship. We now live a stress-free life because we have invested in great dog trainers all over the U.S., regardless of the cost, we made it happen. Why? Because we wanted it, badly, more than anything in the world.

After doing tons of research, tons of reading, investing well over *undisclosed amount of dollars* on training, shadows, seminars etc, we now understand what dogs need to be healthy & how dogs learn. Dog training is an art. Regardless of the tools you are using to communicate with your dogs. Many of us just think having a dog means it’s a onetime thing. It’s not, it’s a lifetime investment. We spend thousands of dollars every year at the vet for our dogs but why do we think dog training is optional? Just remember that if you want the better version of your dog, you have to keep training. Just look at it as when you are trying to lose weight, that’s an on-going training and change of habit/ lifestyle. You can’t just exercise twice a week and expect results. No, you have to change your diet and you have to exercise daily.

So if you have a dog that is causing you frustration, anger, hopelessness, hire a professional, get help and get some answers. There are a lot of great dog trainers out there. Look for quality of work, results, price should not matter if you really want it, you will make it happen. We’ve done it, you can do it too.