Minnesota Dog Training that works

We believe, first and foremost, in a scientific approach using the 4 quadrants of dog training.
Funtastic K9 Training, LLC is a dog training company dedicated to educating families and their dogs through training methods that emphasize relationship, balance, and communication, regardless of breed, age, or temperament.

Specifically, our training programs are tailored to each dog’s behavioral issues. We work with all breeds and temperaments, and we address a wide range of issues from basic “on” and “off leash” obedience to excessive barking, pulling and reactivity on leash, mild anxiety, jumping on counters and more! We have a staggering success rate because when you work with us, we don’t stop problem solving until we find success with your dog!

However, it’s not just us; Our clients are not only incredible people, but also extremely dedicated. Because we are a small business, we also have to be selective with who we’ll work. Our goal is to find clients who are as dedicated as we are. We know we can help your dog, but you have to be ready and willing to go on that journey with us.

The training tools used in our approach is to proof, simplify & clarify communication between us and our dogs.

Why Funtastic K9?


Fun & Fair

Our programs are structured to be fun and fair for your dogs. We 'work' daily but we balance it out with fun too!



Nothing to hide. We are honest with our work. We show you 'how to' do the work and explain why it works.



We don't just stick to one method. We use what works for the dog in front of us.


Quality care

We treat your dog like our own! We give the greatest love & care for each pup that enters our program.


Amazing results

Watch our 'before' and 'after' videos or just watch your dog, he'll show you what he's learned!


Lifetime support

Once a Funtastic K9. Always a Funtastic K9. We support our clients for life.