Are we the right trainers for you?

We are balanced trainers (we use YES and NO and find ways to motivate the dog to do what we want and what we don’t want). What we offer is truly unique because we break through the walls that are keeping you from living the best life with your dog and then we coach you and rebuild from the ground up together. Our training is intense and life changing. Working with FK9 means you have to bring as much to the table as we do, you must be just as excited to train your dog and start this new journey together. When you enter your dog for a Board & Train with Funtastic K9, we create a partnership and we expect you to do your best work. You have to be willing to work hard and be committed to make the changes in your life that need to be made in order to keep your dog mentally balanced.

If you think you’re ready to go the distance with your dog, then we might be a good match!

Here are some qualities in a client that we feel are absolutely necessary for success:

If you are coming to us with a dog with behavior issues, we want you to recognize that there’s a problem. You’re not the problem, but there is a problem. Something you are doing and the environment the dog is living in, are contributing to that problem. In order to continue seeing the results you want, a lifestyle on your part is needed. Change within your dog starts with you.

We need you to be 100% comfortable with my training techniques. We will use positive reinforcement (reinforcing what we want) but we will also address unwanted behavior with punishment/correction (what we don’t want). Every minute of the day, we share information with our dogs through daily interactions.

We need you to follow up with 100% of our training program.
We are looking for people that are willing to study, do their homework, trust & follow our advice in order to maintain the results with your dog.

Everyone living in the household must be on board. This includes the other dogs in the home as well. Dogs are influenced by everyone around them, so everyone needs to be on the same page in order to make it work!

Who will be working/handling my dog?

Both Lise and Mailee are the experts and they will handle and divide training between all dogs.


What training tools do you use?

We use all available tools on the market. Prong collar, Ecollar, Food, Slip leads, 4ft leather leashes, Place cots, pet convincer, bark collars, toys, physical touch etc. We do not limit the type of tools in our training. We keep an open mind and use what we feel is best for each individual dog.

Why do you use prong collars?

We use prong collars because we find them to be the best tool to connect and communicate with your dog. The prong collar allows us to break through and effortlessly communicate with your dog, creating a different state of mind and a highly responsive dog. When fitted and used properly, a prong collar is designed to have even pressure all the way around your dogs neck so that the dog will not gag and choke itself and not causing any physical harm to the dog. They have been proven to be the most humane and safest tools available.

Why do you use remote collars?

Modern remote collar training is the most effective, most reliable, most humane and most transformational training tool available today. The E-collar will give your dog the freedom it deserves. We use the E-Collar at the lowest level that the dog can feel, which helps reduce the stress level of the dog while in training. The remote collar we use is very similar to something chiropractors and doctors use in modern medicine known as a TENS unit, a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. It is also the best training tool to clearly communicate with our dogs from 2 feet to 1/2 a mile away.

Can I visit my dog during its board and train program?

We know you miss your dog but unfortunately, we do not allow visits during your dog’s training. The reason why is that your dog came to us for rehabilitation. A visit might hinder and set the dog back. We post daily videos on the dog’s progress on our Facebook Business page.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to drop us an email at: info@funtastick9training.com