Controlled Potty Times!

How we teach our dogs to go pee and poo on OUR time.

We take the dogs out early in the morning, if they don’t go within their 3 minutes time frame that we allow them to have, we take them back in and crate them while we get ready for the day. We try again 30 minutes later, if they don’t go then…repeat step above. If you are consistent, the dog will understand within a week or two (if not sooner) that when we step outside in the yard, it’s time to go.

If they do go right away when we take them out, praise comes along with it – Say: “Good pee/poo/potty” (or whichever word you want to use to teach your dog to go) then give your dog a little pet on the head (just one pet lets your dog know that they did what you wanted).

What we NEVER do:
Don’t allow your dog to have a bell to ring at the door when they want to go outside. That gives your dog control over the situation and environment. He’s telling you what to do.

“Dog goes and taps the bells, human comes and open the door to heaven (going outside is a high value reward and your dog just told you what to do and gained 100% control of the situation) and who knows if the dog really wants to go potty or just mess around.
Also, when taking your dogs out to pee/poo, always be there with them and supervise. Safety protocol.

Don’t allow your dog to whine or bark (and you think they need to go) – Why? Because if your dog whines/barks at you and you give them your attention, open the back door (to heaven again), or pet them etc, what you have just taught your dog is that “whine/bark = dog gets what they want” (Dogs are manipulative and they do things to get what THEY want. They are instinctual and will keep doing what works FOR them) KEEP THAT IN MIND!

All of the dogs we have gotten and who get in our care for the B&T program, quickly learn within a week that going outside is a privilege and they go on our time, meaning we 100% control the environment. The dog feels safer because someone else is controlling the situation AND telling them what to do.

End result? Dogs go potty right away as soon as they step onto the grass and they come back to the door (where we are) as soon as they are done. Dog follows. Humans win.