Our Story

Our philosophy

We believe, first and foremost, in a scientific approach using the 4 quadrants of dog training.
Dogs behavior is observable, measurable, and treatable. Dogs are not an equal or lesser species, they are a different species and need to be treated as such.
The training tools used in our approach is to proof, simplify & clarify communication between us and our dogs.

Positive reinforcement is great for teaching ‘wanted’ behaviors but discipline or saying “NO” to our dogs for unwanted behaviors is also okay! If a dog does something dangerous or disobeys a command, negative reinforcement (withholding something the dog wants) and positive punishment (disciplinary actions) are acceptable ways to give feedback.

Meet The Trainers

Lise & Mailee

Together we have over 8 years of combined experience working with dogs. We have trained & turned around over 300+ client dogs since we started training in 2016. We have trained under some of the best dog trainers in the country which includes Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training, Tori Smith of Take The Lead K9 Training & we continue to invest in multiple seminars yearly to grow in dog training knowledge. We are also huge advocate rescue. We have fostered and trained some of Minnesota Pitbull's Rescue dogs.



Meet Clutch. She is our 19 months old Malinois. She is Lise's first working dog and is currently being trained in IGP Sport (formerly known as Schutzhund or IPO).

Maltese Mix


Meet Cubbie. Just like many dogs, he was fearful of his environment, dogs, people, pulled on leash, always tried to flight, refused to go in the car, his crate etc. We continue to train Cubbie daily to maintain & enhance the confidence he has gained over the years through our communication & leadership system.

Am Staff


Indie is the dog who started it all for us. She pulled on leash, had severe reactivity when passing other dogs on walk, got into tussles with other dogs, bit people's ankles when they came to our home and was protective of the household. Those are now all behaviors of the past. By committing to strong structure, rules and leadership to her daily life. Today Indie is mentally healthy, balanced & living her best life.

Lise and Mailee are true professional's that show much dedication in their field and are eager to educate and share their knowledge.


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